And thirdly, a rough estimate of how many developers you need would be a perfect grounding to start a discussion with a potential development partner. It is perfect for startups and companies looking for developers with specific skills to complement their existing teams. Flexibility, supervision of results, and cost-effectiveness are the three pillars of team augmentation with outstaffing. With staff augmentation, a company chooses to add to their team individual engineers who are legally employed by another company—outstaffing one.

Our team of specialists provides expert advice on hiring options, suitable technological stack, and the type of talent you need for the project. Significant time zone differences frustrate collaboration between the outstaffed developers and your in-house software team. For example, if a US company hires Philippines-based developers, holding a spontaneous meeting will be tricky as the business hours don’t overlap. Some technological companies prioritize control and data privacy. While outsourcing vendors are bound by NDAs, these companies prefer to set up an in-house IT team and hire outstaffed developers. This allows the internal team to work on the highly-sensitive part of the project.

eCommerce and Content Management System (CMS)

We operate as a marketplace for startups on one side and development companies on the other. Only those dev shops that passed through our high criteria and have proven success rates appear in our talent pool. We did it to ensure that we can find the best talent for our clients in the shortest time possible. But there are many other advantages for companies that choose to hire through YouTeam. There are many ways in which you can find and hire outstaff or outsource cooperators. Web infrastructure in this field is rater developed, so you can easily find a lot of listings and review websites that will contain information about your potential partner.

  • In most cases, you will only interact with a project manager from the outsourcing team, whom you’ll provide your deadlines, updates, and requests.
  • As a result, only around 3% of the total candidates who seek to join the Riseup Labs network each year are accepted.
  • Outsourcing and Outstaffing IT models have evolved to serve companies from all over the world.
  • Pay attention to the testimonials and recommendations of your colleges, friends, reviews on the internet.
  • Outstaffing is a staff augmentation process where businesses hire software professionals from IT outsourcing companies to boost their existing teams.
  • As we have already found out, outsourcing and outstaffing are two popular schemes for attracting third-party personnel to perform tasks in favor of the customer company.

As mentioned above, in both outsourcing and outstaffing IT models, a company attracts a team or individual to work on a specific project/task. Also, in both cases, those developers are working on the project remotely. Still, the main difference between those two concerns the project’s management. However, the main difference between outsourcing and outstaffing is that outstaffing hires experts from other firms to work on the project under the control of the business owner.

Advantages of outstaffing

While this isn’t usually an issue when dealing with copywriting services or social media management, it can be a problem when you’re outsourcing design projects. outstaffing has become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses attempt to do more with less. By hiring an outside firm to handle certain business tasks, companies can save money and focus on their core competencies. Our own company, YouTeam, could be a time-saver in this situation.


It is much more efficient to address any recruitment agencies and hire a remote team of developers. A remote developer or a team can start working on the project almost right away. However, software outsourcing will require additional preparation. In fact, more communication is needed because most of the teams are working remotely. A remote team is focused on finishing the task and giving you the best quality. On the other hand, outsourcing is devoted to the final results.

Outstaffing Models of Riseup Labs

The global market for outsourcing services amounted to 92.5 billion U.S. dollars even before the pandemic. Recent years have only solidified the growing trend of outstaffing. Now, many Fortune 500 companies are comparing the IT outstaffing model with the IT recruitment model to select the one that suits their needs best. In each case, you should only partner with the tech vendors that have expertise in developing solutions for your industry, and are familiar with its requirements for software products.


Elithair has already performed more than 50,000 successful treatments and is recognized internationally from the top experts in the industry. Uses print, video, web, email, social media and events to help mortgage professionals dominate their market by doing more loans with less overhead and managed risk. We help you find the talent that suits your needs, follows your project processes, and sticks with you long term.

Data Pipeline Development Services for Robotics

Without clear leadership, direction and instructions, the developers will be confused about their roles in the team. Work with IT outstaffing companies closer to your region or one with a manageable timezone. Alternatively, agree on communication rules, such as sending queries by a specific hour and provide response in 2 working days. Outstaffing ensures that your business has stable long-term support, while outsourcing is ideal for a one-time project.

Scheduling an interview with a possible outstaffing partner is pivotal for making a decision on whether a vendor is a good match. Talk to a technical manager and see how their development process is arranged. It’s crucial to know right from the beginning whether they have developers with the exact expertise you want. If experts have already been engaged in projects similar to yours, it would only be a big plus. IT outstaffing model is hiring foreign experts from another company full-time to work as a part of a client’s extended team.

What is the main difference between software development outsourcing and outstaffing?

Next, hold an in-person interview with the outstaffing team, preferably with a technical manager. Find out if they have developers armed with the skills that your team needs. Or if they have overlapping experience with your business’s operation.

According to research, 24% of small businesses outsource to increase efficiency, whereas 66% of firms in the United States outsource at least one department. It happens that way mainly because skilled and experienced developers in the US are becoming more and more expensive. In the meantime, experts from developing countries with the same skill level charge less. At this stage, you need to make a list of outstaffing companies that suits your business goals. Pay attention to the testimonials and recommendations of your colleges, friends, reviews on the internet.

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By the way, according to Clutch, Softengi is among the top 1000 B2B service providers and one of the top 15 VR and AR development companies in the world. The Manifest featured Softengi as one of the best IoT developers globally. We thank our clients for the positive feedback and are looking forward to delivering your success. Business is about marketing, sales, and pitching to clients, not writing code. There’s no point in trying to figure out new tech trends on your own.