Copium Mining has a successful long-term track record of operation in the mining industry and has a respected reputation in the New Zealand cryptocurrency mining circuit. The 10,000 NFTs will be sold through a Dutch Auction via the project’s website, and the auction will start at a price of 3.5 ETH. However, as previously mentioned, the first 2000 people that register their interest through the website portal will receive a guaranteed mint spot at a lower, fixed price of 3 ETH. As a result, the self-sustaining ecosystem provides daily demand for the Copium Coin and also turns it into a deflationary asset. The ideal location of the mining facility allows Copium Mining to run an efficient, profitable business model.

copium protocol

For the longest time, crypto mining was confined to the well-off who could afford the mammoth resources it demands. With the price of Bitcoin falling in 2022, it appears that the profitability of crypto mining has reduced. As a result, several mining businesses have temporarily ceased operations until the venture becomes lucrative again. Copium Coin is the native ERC-20 token that powers the entire ecosystem.

The Role of Copium Protocol in Crypto Mining 2022

It promised to decentralize crypto mining, empowering anyone to remotely join crypto mining pools for a basic cost with little to no technical knowledge. Should you need to cancel a current staking contract before the scheduled expiry date of the contract for any reason, you may do so. However, any interest accrued during the staking period up until the date of early cancellation will be forfeited. No investment is 100% safe, and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole is unregulated and known for its volatile and sometimes unpredictable price fluctuations. We recommend doing your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency-based product, and never investing more than you can afford to lose. Staking Platform is the place where Copium Coin holders can choose to stake their tokens for a range of locked and unlocked periods in return for a high APY.

copium protocol

The pre-mint registration grants holders a white list spot to mint their Investor Pass NFTs at a special discounted rate of 3 ETH instead of 3.5 ETH. Investors can also stake the NFT on the platform in exchange for daily distribution of 10 Copium Coins per NFT, and they will be entered into monthly Copium prizes automatically. In addition, the Copium Staking Protocol will be installed after the Investor Pass is introduced. Additionally, you can stake your Copium Investor Pass in exchange for attractive yields.

Copium Protocol Staking Platform

The project’s involvement plan for investors is neat, simple, and highly rewarding for those early birds that support the project from its very beginning. Registering for a Copium Protocol Investor Pass NFT today will ensure you get the best out of this amazing crypto mining project. Each holder of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass receives an airdrop of 10,000 Copium Coins. Once these coins are in your wallet you can choose to stake them on the platform to receive 10 new Copium Coins every day. These daily earnings are guaranteed for two years regardless of the price of Copium Coin until you decide to claim the earned coins.

  • Therefore, they can leverage their existing relationship in the industry to purchase the mining equipment at wholesale prices.
  • On the other hand, Copium Protocol is a long-term passive cryptocurrency mining ecosystem.
  • For cold storage of large amounts of cryptocurrency valued at over $10,000, we recommend using a TREZOR Hardware wallet.
  • The Copium Protocol Investor Pass, a group of 10,000 NFTs that could be created on the Ethereum network in early to mid-October, will serve as the project’s official preface.
  • The Copium Protocol project is one of the best mining solutions we’ve seen presented in 2022 so far.

Copium Mining, a mining operation headquartered in Otago, New Zealand, serves as the protocol’s focal point. Copium mining has the advantage of being powered by a surplus of renewable energy generated in New Zealand’s Southern Alps foothills. The Copium Protocol Investor Pass, a group of 10,000 NFTs that could be created on the Ethereum network in early to mid-October, will serve as the project’s official preface. If you exit a time-locked staking contract early, you will have to forfeit all the interest accrued by your staked assets. The protocol buys back Copium Coins from the open market using the revenue generated by the Copium Mining facility. In essence, Copium Investor Pass NFTs and Copium Coins are indirect investments in Copium Mining.

Copium Investor Pass (NFT)

Copium Protocol is an innovative ecosystem for crypto mining investments built on the Ethereum blockchain. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Copium Protocol and answer some common questions about cryptocurrency mining and investing. The Copium Investor Pass, a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain in the coming month, will be sold as the project’s initial offering. As a result, if investors want to use the Copium Protocol and reap all of its benefits, they should purchase a pass. Notably, the first 2000 users to sign up on the project website will receive a guaranteed mint spot for a lower, fixed price of just 3 ETH.

Copium Coin holders will be able to stake their holdings for a variety of high-yield interest rates and time periods. In addition, investors will be able to receive a certain number of Copium Coins and contribute to the advancement of the mining facility only by purchasing the NFT. There is also a one-time-only initial staking rate of 38% exclusive to Investor Pass holders who decide to lock their stake for 36 months. For this staking rate, there is a required minimum limit of 10,000 Copium Coins that need to be locked.