Adrian Davies

Adrian Davies is a natural history and scientific photographer, teacher and author, with over 30 years experience. He regularly offers various courses and workshops.
He has recently published a very interesting book about Digital Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography which you can purchase here:

For more info about Adrian's work and his workshops please visit the links below:

Below, you can see just a small sample of his beautiful UV images:

Clive Haynes FRPS

Clive is a long time ACS collaborator and supporter and we are pleased to be able to show some of his work here. We often point our customers to his excellent resources on processing infra-red images, and his extensive online library of 'Know how' articles. See links below.

Clive says "From the days of film I've always enjoyed the magically special qualities of infrared. Capturing the invisible and giving it form, literally being able to reveal the world in a different light and contribute a deeper narrative to everyday scenes is something I constantly seek.
Although I retired several years ago from being a college lecturer in photography, on occasion I still present workshops and talks, encouraging everyone to 'see' potential images and process them so as to express themselves fully. Our new age of digital realisation is liberating and boundless once we free our imaginations!"

For more information you can visit the links below:

(Photoshop 'Know-How’, etc):

Infrared Link:

Marcus Hamilton

London based photographer Marcus Hamilton has been exploring the infra-red world for many years now. He is currently exhibiting at the Milan Photo festival (20th April to 20th June 2017), and he has given us a little taste of the new work he is exhibiting. You can find out more about the Milan Photo Festival 2017 and Marcus' exhibit here:

You can see more of Marcus' infra-red galleries here:

Paula Cooper

Self taught local photographer Paula Cooper now has her images being widely exhibited, and either winning, or being short listed in a variety of national competitions.

Here, Paula has kindly allowed us to show a small selection of her excellent infra-red images.

Check out more of her work at @Iceni photography and on her website:

Paul Gallagher

Some amazing Infra-red images kindly supplied by our friend Paul Gallagher.

Paul Gallagher has been a fine art black and white and colour photographer for over twenty seven years, dedicating his photography to Northern England and the Scottish Highlands and photographing predominantly using large format equipment. He has been awarded an Associateship from the Royal Photographic Society.

See more here:
Paul is also a co-founder of aspect2i who run infra-red photography courses and workshops.
To find out more see: and