We have an ever growing number of products and services which have been developed to complement our infra-red and UV conversions. Please scroll down the page to see our range of products:


Nikon Rayfact UV Lens

The Nikon Rayfact lens 105mm lens has optics which are optimised for UV and IR, within the range of 220nm to 900nm. When this lens is focussed using the camera viewfinder (using visible light) the focus will be correct for UV and IR with no adjustment necessary. This lens has better transmission than any of the standard 105mm macro lenses for UV photography. More information will follow shortly. £POA


Infra-red LED Mini Flood Lights

These LED Mini Flood lights have a 36 Led array, and are custom modified to either 850nm or 940nm for use with infra-red converted cameras. 850nm LEDs give off a dull red visible glow which does not upset wildlife, and 940nm LEDs have no visible output at all, which makes them perfect for covert photography and video.


UV Flash Conversions

We can modify a number of different flash products to maximise the UV output for UV photography. UV Flash is the safest method of illumination in UV, and is the preferred method of illumination where human exposure to UV light is unavoidable to either the subject, or the photographer. We can modify a number of products in the Nikon, Canon, and Metz ranges. Please contact us for more details.


Full spectrum Flash

More details to come..