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Specialist Camera Conversions

At Advanced Camera Services, we offer the worlds best camera conversions and specialist imaging products. We can modify a wide range of Digital SLR cameras, micro 4/3 system cameras, and compact cameras to work as infra-red, UV, Full Spectrum, or other specialist cameras. We also supply modified flash equipment, LED illuminators, specialist filters, and specialist lenses.

We are the first choice for amateur and professional photographers of all types. We specialise in producing imaging solutions for professionals in forensic services, medical illustration, museums and galleries, and conservators all over the world. We work with universities and colleges, and provide packages for imaging in UV and IR for departments ranging from archaeology to zoology.

Infra-Red Camera Conversions

Whether you need an infra-red camera for dramatic landscape photography, astrophotography, or even to film bats in total darkness, we can help.

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Ultraviolet Camera Conversions

Whether you work in the cosmetics industry, forensic services, or in dermatology, we can provide you with the best UV imaging equipment available. We offer UV conversions on a wide range of cameras using our unique UV filter. We can modify a camera to compliment your existing equipment, or we can create a complete package to suit your needs.

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