Si ce problème persiste, essayez les alternatives suivantes:Solution 1:Certains navigateurs Web ont peut-être caché cette web site par incident. Vous pouvez vider le cache et l’historique de votre navigateur, puis réessayer.

En outre, vous pouvez également essayer un autre navigateur pour accéder à http://tplinkwifi. net . Solution deux:Vous pouvez obtenir le mauvais serveur DNS. Vous pouvez utiliser l’adresse IP du routeur http://192.

. internet. Il est recommandé de connecter votre appareil directement au routeur TP-Url à l’aide du câble Ethernet câblé.

Question: Q: How do I find my IP address on the Apple iphone?Where can I discover my phones IP address on my Apple iphone?Posted on Dec 18, 2016 five:eleven PM. It depends on which IP handle you signify.

Can I improvement my Wireless private data from my cell phone

An IP handle is assigned by the network when your cellular phone connects to it, so if you have a WiFi link you can see the IP deal with in Settings/WiFi , then tap on the i following to the network name. Be aware that this will be the address on your neighborhood network, not the handle that another person outside the house of your neighborhood network will see. For that use the upcoming paragraph when related to WiFi. If you have a cellular link it is a bit trickier.

You need to have to go to a site that will return your IP handle. 1 is Gibson Investigate, http://grc. com .

Adhere to the hyperlinks to the Shields Up! test. Having answered the issue you questioned, is it what you intended to ask? Or is it some other worth you need, like the phone’s MAC handle (WiFi address) or its IMEI (your cellular network identification)?What is my ip address for my wifi. After managing WNetWatcher, it automatically locates your wi-fi adapter, and scans your network. Following a couple of seconds, you really should begin see the listing of computer systems that are now related to your community.

If from some motive, WNetWatcher failed to identify and scan your community, you can attempt to manually picking the correct community adapter, by pressing F9 (Highly developed Options) and selecting the right community adapter. Columns Description. IP Tackle: IP Deal with of the system or laptop. Product Identify: The name of the system or computer.

This field could continue being vacant if the pc or the machine will not prov >MAC Handle: The MAC tackle of the community adapter. Community Adapter Organization: The enterprise that manufactured the community adapter, in accordance to the MAC Tackle. This column can assistance you to detect the sort of the system or pc. For illustration, if the corporation name is Apple, the product is most likely a Mac laptop or computer, Apple iphone, or iPad. if the firm name is Nokia, the machine is in all probability a cellular cellphone of Nokia. By default, this utility takes advantage of an inner MAC addresses databases stored inside of the .

exe file, but it can be not often current with the most recent MAC deal with assignments. You can manually download the newest MAC addresses file from http://criteria-oui. ieee.

org/oui/oui. txt and then put oui. txt in the similar folder wherever WNetWatcher. exe is located. When you run WNetWatcher. exe, it’s going to automatically load and use the exterior oui. txt alternatively of the inside MAC addresses databases. Gadget Information and facts: This column displays ‘Your Computer’ if the product is the pc that you at present use. This column shows ‘Your Router’ if the device is the wireless router. Consumer Text: You can assign your possess text to any unit detected by WNetWatcher. By default, this field is crammed with the gadget name. In order to modify the Person Text, basically double-simply click the item and style the desired textual content. Lively: Specifies whether this system is at present energetic. When a machine is not detected anymore, the ‘Active’ benefit is turned from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ Detection Depend: Variety of moments that this machine was detected on your network. Every time that a network scan is operating and the product is detected, this value is improved by one particular. To start with Detected On: The initial time that this machine was detected.