Appeals conferences tend to include an informal phone call from an IRS representative, who may agree with your case. If the call goes well, you may be able to avoid court or a large tax bill. On the other hand, if you indisputably made a mistake and left a 1099 form off your total reported income, you may have to pay the taxes due as well as the penalties.

Proposed changes to your tax, payments, and credits. Your reason for disagreement on the proposed tax changes must be valid and within the scope of reason. You cannot contest religious, political, moral, constitutional, conscientious, or similar grounds as the reason for disagreement. If you’re not satisfied with the resolutions offered by the manager, you can file a petition with the U.S.

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If you think you’ll have trouble paying your taxes or the NFTL filing will cause economic hardship, it’s helpful to know what your options are to address your tax debt. The two videos are available in English, Spanish and American Sign Language on the IRS YouTube page. The IRS YouTube channel offers many more topics of interest to taxpayers, including what to do if they think they may be a victim of identity theft as well as understanding their IRS bill. You can call the IRS or visit the Understanding Your IRS Notice or Letter page to determine whether your notice is legitimate or not.

If taxpayers are uncertain about the validity of a notice received from the IRS, they can visit Tax Scams – How to Report Them, for more information. Have your IRS notice and tax return information handy when you call. Normally, you can get up to 30 additional days to respond to the CP2000 notice. Keeping financial records is important to have all the documentation you need to file your tax return. Doing so also ensures that this information will be readily available should the IRS request clarification in the future.

Most common events that frequently result in a CP2000 notice

It will outline the specific issues with your return and provide the next steps to take for your tax return to be amended or the issue resolved quickly. It can be unsettling to receive any IRS notification but try not to worry when you receive a CP2000 Notice. This isn’t an audit; it’s simply a request for clarification. Here are the five things you need to know to respond to the IRS when you get an incorrect CP2000 notice. These notices propose changes to your tax return when your return doesn’t match income information the IRS has on file about you (like Forms W-2 and 1099).

  • If you agree with the notice, for example, if you forgot to include a W-2 from a part-time job, sign the included notice response form and select your payment option.
  • CP2000 notices are output by a computer system that detects something is off with your filed tax return.
  • After about eight weeks, call the IRS or analyze your transcripts to confirm that the IRS resolved your issue.
  • When you work a traditional W-2 job, your employer typically pays this tax on your behalf.

Payment plans must be repaid in 180 days or less, while installment agreements require monthly payments. Visit the IRS website for more details on these options. If you don’t respond to a CP2000 notice by the deadline, the IRS will make the changes outlined in the CP2000 notice. They will send you a bill for the taxes, interest, and penalties and will continue their collection process until you pay. An amended tax return would be appropriate in more complex situations where the IRS is partially correct but you have a valid way to offset all or part of the amount owed. A common example would be where you omitted 1099-NEC/Schedule C income but also have unclaimed business expenses to offset that income.

What Is A CP2000 Notice From The IRS?

So before you respond with a checkmark, you must know these important tips. If some but not all of the discrepancies have been resolved, the IRS will send you a CP2000 notice with a new proposed tax calculation. You must respond to this one in the same manner as the first. Ensure you have all income forms prior to filing your taxes. Filing taxes before receiving an income statement is a surefire way to underreport. It can take anywhere from a month to three years for the case to be fully resolved.

  • This notice informs you of the discrepancy and proposes a change to your tax payments or credits and gives you an opportunity to respond.
  • Allec advises against automatically assuming that a CP2000 Notice is correct.
  • Make estimated tax payments in advance of the timely filing of your return.
  • The notice response form has instructions on what to do if the information is incorrect.

The adjustment may result in net terms tax owed or a refund of taxes paid. Complete the form on page seven of your Letter CP 2000 to show whether you agree or disagree with the changes the IRS is proposing in the letter. If you agree, you do not need to amend your tax return. The IRS will make the adjustments detailed in the CP 2000.

How often are CP2000s wrong?

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and spending way too much time in local coffee shops. Allec advises against automatically assuming that a CP2000 Notice is correct. It’s a computer-generated form and the computers can be wrong. If you don’t respond quickly, the IRS can proceed with issuing a Notice of Deficiency. Tax Court and could become a bigger headache than you might want to deal with. If you’d like a little help finding support in dealing with the IRS, Bench can connect you to a certified enrolled agent who can handle the case on your behalf.

If you receive a CP2000 notice and you don’t understand what it means, you are not alone. These letters and their response form are confusing to a lot of people. Write “for reference only” on the top of the amended tax return.


This could prompt the IRS to dive deeper, resulting in an audit. A CP2000 notice is automatically generated, so it isn’t always perfect. In fact, there are plenty of stories about taxpayers receiving incorrect CP2000 notices that don’t result in extra taxes. Once you understand your position with the IRS, we can also help you enlist support to deal with the IRS.

Cross-reference your 1099 forms to your bookkeeping records, bank statements, and any other places you track your 1099 income. If your records reflect income not shown on a 1099 form, reach out to the customer or client and tell them you’d like a copy of your 1099. Take these steps to quickly and effectively deal with a CP2000 notice to minimize tax penalties and ensure you are paying the right amount of taxes. When you are a W-2 employee, you will receive a W-2 tax form by the end of January of each year. A W-2 form shows your gross annual income and any federal, state, or other taxes withheld. Third, Appeals officers may be more willing to “see the facts and law differently” from the IRS tax examiner who made the first decision on your CP2000 notice.

Scam alert: IRS warns of fake tax bills – WGME

Scam alert: IRS warns of fake tax bills.

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First, your request for an appeal should trigger a phone call from the IRS. The IRS may call you to resolve the issues before your case goes to an appeal. If you check the box in the CP2000 notice agreeing to all the changes, you are agreeing to all the penalties, too.

A corrected W-2, 1099, or other form was issued and the IRS used the wrong version. Income was reported on both 1009-NEC and 1099-K and the IRS failed to recognize this as the same income . If you have another type of penalty, select the corresponding reason for payment (“Payment Plan/Installment Agreement” or “Balance Due;” see above). Make a full or initial payment for a proposed amount.

The Processing Time

Sign the letter and send it back to the IRS, which will send you an updated tax bill. The worst thing you can do when you receive a CP2000 is to ignore it, which will almost certainly result in additional penalties and interest. An IRS letter might make you nervous, but receiving a CP2000 notice is no reason to panic. It’s quite common to get one, and they don’t always result in an increased bill. Online bookkeeping and tax filing powered by real humans.

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The notice explains what information we used to determine the proposed changes to your tax return. Enrollment in, or completion of, the H&R Block Income Tax Course or Tax Knowledge Assessment is neither an offer nor a guarantee of employment. There is no tuition fee for the H&R Block Income Tax Course; however, you may be required to purchase course materials, which may be non-refundable. Additional time commitments outside of class, including homework, will vary by student. Additional training or testing may be required in CA, OR, and other states. This course is not open to any persons who are currently employed by or seeking employment with any professional tax preparation company or organization other than H&R Block.

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If you kept accurate records of your earnings and deductions through the year, it should be easy to prove that you did not underreport your income. Receiving a CP2000 Notice of Proposed Adjustment for Underpayment is not the worst IRS notice to receive. You can also negotiate to have penalties and late fees waived in your response to the IRS. Independent contractors receive a similar form called a 1099-MISC. If you made more than $600 with any one entity in the tax year, your 1099 form shows your total annual earnings from that company or organization. You have the right to contest penalties and appeal an IRS decision about your CP2000 notice.

https://1investing.in/ Card Providers determine the underwriting criteria necessary for approval. You should review each Provider’s terms and conditions to determine which card works for you and your personal financial situation. Information is provided by the Credit Card Providers and is not a guarantee of approval. Referrals to services that help consumers with tax resolution, tax preparation, tax audit help and other tax issues. Find a reliable and trustworthy network of tax professionals who can help you clarify the findings of an IRS CP2000 Notice right here at Solvable. Review past federal returns and state tax returns to ensure you didn’t make the same mistake.